My photography is based around the following principles:

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My objective is to tell your story without getting in the way of it. That story may be a tale of love, a serious occasion or joyful celebration, an important fund-raising initiative, or a key event in the life of your business or family.

I offer a bespoke personal service without charging the earth. Whether it is a two hour beach photography session, a lavish wedding overseas, or two month assignment in the Himalaya, I will work with you to understand what you want to achieve, refining the brief, and identifying ways of enhancing the end product.

Whilst the style of my photography may be described as natural, unobtrusive or documentary, this doesn’t mean that I’m a wall flower hiding in the corner. I’m a friendly guy with a natural enthusiasm for what I do. You will find I am also hands-on and work tirelessly for you before, during and after any assignment.

Choosing to use a professional photographer is a big deal. It is normal for people to be nervous about commissioning photography, regardless of whether they will appear in front of the lens. It requires a significant financial and often emotional commitment. Quite often you only have one chance to get it right. I will never agree to an assignment unless we have spent some time getting to know each other and we both have agreed on something we are excited about. If I don’t think my style of photography is right for you I will tell you so.

I’m a great fan of honesty and transparency. Any work I quote is based on a simple, transparent pricing model that is based on a brief we have agreed together and works for you. No-one, including myself, likes nasty surprises and I don’t undercut on pricing in the hope of upselling later because in my experience it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Finally I will always try to tell you what might go wrong – not to scare you – merely to manage your expectations and help us both make sufficient contingency plans if need be.

I’m flexible – life doesn’t always work out as planned, especially when they involve children, animals or weather. I try to build some contingency into plans but sometimes we need extra time, to reschedule completely, or redefine the brief. I can be more than the photographer too – I have acted as impromptu chauffer to a groom and his best man, spontaneously managed groups of volunteers overseas when needed, and been a confidante in a difficult moment. If something isn’t working out I will try and work with you to see what we can change. Contracts are wonderful and have a role, but so does being reasonable and pragmatic.

Diligent – it goes without saying that I use the very best photographic equipment. For those that are interested I’m a Canon man. I’m fully insured, including full Public Indemnity and Public Liability. My most expensive piece of equipment at home isn’t a beautiful Macbook Pro (which I have) but a very unsexy black box full of hard drives. It contains all my shoots, mirrored internally, and is also backed up to disks stored in an external off-site location each week. Naturally when I’m on long assignments, I back-up all my files to a second drive too.

Finally, and most importantly to me, I work hard to be sensitive to a situation, whether that be at a wedding or documenting social issues abroad. Having travelled and photographed in many countries, I know first-hand the importance of understanding local cultures, and the responsibilities I have as I work with a camera in my hand. From a moral and ethical perspective I would only take the shot if it felt right to do so and I only work with people who share that same ethos.

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