A bit more about me


Hi my name is Richard and I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in London, UK where I live with my wife, a veterinary surgeon, and my baby twin boys Zac & Sam. I may live inland but sea water runs through my veins. I grew up by the sea in Sussex, lived in Sydney for a while, and the first two years of Richard Murgatroyd Photography were spent on the beautiful north Devon coastline.

I have a little too much energy which I try to tame with trekking, surfing badly, skiing and cycling. I like to train for triathlons when I find time. I’m most happy on the road meeting people and discovering new places in the UK and elsewhere.

I was inspired as a child by photographs of my Grandfather’s adventures driving down to Spain, by historical picture books that littered the bookshelves in my childhood home, and second-hand copies of National Geographic. To me these photos were a portal into a different age. I’m the first born of four siblings. Our ready-made gang would exploring the abandoned wartime defences and fishing wharfs in my home town before health and safety curtailed the fun.

Aged 18 I took my first trip overseas in an airplane. Armed with an old fully manual Canon camera and a lead-lined pouch of film I have never looked back. Even during my years in London on the corporate treadmill I spend time exploring with my camera, or as my wife would call it “the third person in our marriage”. I’ve been lucky to have spent quality time exploring over 45 countries and to have documented some incredible events and places on my wedding and NGO commissions including India, Malawi, Monaco, Ibiza, Italy, Australia, Mexico and the Baltics.

Like every job, photography has its own unique challenges, but I love the people I meet and the places it takes me to. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to getting emotional during wedding ceremonies, feel a tingle of excitement catching a mountain sunrise or get a buzz from seeing the responses from my clients when the see their pictures for the first time.

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Richard Murgatroyd Photography  |  +44 7515 051 180  |  click@richardmurgatroyd.com