I’m not too sure where to start with this one except to say that for me,  this wedding had all the right elements. As a result I left Rutland far later than I should and wishing I could party on with the guests.  And what a party…

This special day was all about the happy couple, Aarti & Neil. The story of their courtship when told by them is both wonderful and highly amusing to hear – and pretty much sums up their happy-go-lucky approach to life. Spending time with them during their pre-wedding shoot and on their special day it is clear why they work so well together.

The second great element was the family and friends – I can quite honestly say they were surrounded by an incredible bubble of love of the deepest and kindest nature. It was pretty infectious! Hugs all round.

This wedding may have had the core ingredients of a great couple and loving friends but the day had so much more – the infusion of Indian influences and traditions, the piano played by a relative during the register signing, the gestures of kindness from their loved ones including a surprise wedding car, heartfelt speeches, and an impromptu bit of fun in a helicopter owned by a random stranger put quite a coating of icing and a large cherry on what was a pretty special day. On the subject of icing, being handed a napkin full of wedding cake as I left for a long journey down the motorway just made me love you guys just that little bit more.

I can’t neglect to mention the venue too. Barnsdale Lodge, just a few minutes from Rutland Water, provided a great canvas for Aarti & Neil to have exactly the kind of relaxed but symbolically important day that they wanted. Credit goes to them and their wedding team.

Anyway, no words can describe as effectively the story of their special day as much as the photographs I’ve included here for you to feast on.




Richard Murgatroyd is a Wimbledon-based London, UK and destination wedding photographer bringing a natural, documentary approach to telling the story of your special day. You can see a wider selection of Richard’s wedding portfolio here.

Barnsdale Lodge Wedding Photography Oakham by Barnsdale Lodge Wedding Photographer Richard Murgatroyd


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